Feb 27, 2011

Because It's Not Ready Yet

One of my friend has this one prayer, to meet the one who destined to be her soulmate. She ask for it so bad, until she didn't realize that the way she asked for it was very.....kinda pity. I once experienced the same thing. I was single back then for 4 years and I have to admit that being single for that period of time is not comfortable. Somehow, no matter how strong you are as a person, you need someone to share something with, to share feeling with. I asked for a person who can understand me, someone I can be comfort and safe with. Unfortunately, that kind of person I was looked for is not easily found. I believe there are few people in this world who can fit our criteria, who has the spark as we have, who has the same amount and formula of "chemistry" as we have.

Of course, I prayed a lot...asked God to answer tons of my prayers. But He stood still and didn't answer. He let me be alone and met bunch of wrong people. I didn't know why He did this and why he didn't answer what I was asked for. Even if He had a reason not to answer my prayers, I didn't get it.

Four years went by and He made me coupled up with my present time boyfriend. It's funny how it happened because I never expected it all at the first place. But it happened anyway in His will. And that's how my four years "loneliness' ends.

As I take a look my life backward, I can see something that probably my friend I told earlier didn't realized yet. I think was ready to meet my "someone" back then. Four years I've been waiting and I think I was ready. Well maybe I was ready...but my "someone" wasn't. Maybe God already answered everytime I prayed, but I didn't even try to listen to it. Maybe God was trying to answered me, "You just need to wait for a while, because your someone didn't ready yet..I need to prepare him so he'll become the best he can be when he meet you."

If you believe there is a time for everything, there is a time for death and born...
why can't you just believe there is a time He willl become your Mighty matchmaker?

Feb 21, 2011

Chris Medina: His True Love Story

I recently just watched one of the American Idol's episode and my tears fell down. It was because of the contestant, Chris Medina his name is, had the most beautiful but tragic love story. He has a fiancée and they've been together for 8 years and engaged for the last 2 years. But two months before their big day, something bad happened. His fiancée got an accident which caused her a traumatic brain injury. That made her in a coma for a month or so and after she woke up, she was half paralyzed.
Instead of run away from her, Chris chose to stay and take care of her fiancée along with her mother. He came to the audition and he sang The Script's Break Even beautifully and unique. I was impressed by his story, his braveness, his gentle and responsibility senses. He said at the end, " What kind of man I be if I leave her in the time she need me the most?".

That's my fellas, is a prove of true love.

If you are in a good condition, good health, and you're in good wealth, love is just perfect and sweet. But the best test of love is this: Will you still be there for him/her if the troubles come like Chris Medina did? He could run away from his fiancée if he want to, but he chose to stay. That's make him a hero, that's make his the most beautiful man in the world.

"To have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part."

Watch Chris Medina's audition and story here

Feb 17, 2011

Impulse of Thought

I don't know why some people, in an absence of knowledge, choose to keep the absence instead of to fill it. Like one of my experience..in September this year, I am planning to go to Malaysia with 3 friends of mine. I've never been to Malaysia before so I'm kinda afraid I will lost there. And it's not funny if I lost there because it's not your home country. So in my absence of knowledge about Malaysia, I've decided to browse on the internet, didn't know what will I get. Amazingly, I found a lot of great websites which can show me the shopping centers, how to travel via coach and fast train, and else. I know what hotel that suits me, what food I should eat there, and else. Now even if I've never been to Malaysia, when one of my friend tell me something about Malaysia like Sungai Weh or Purduraya Station or Sentral KL station....I know what they're talking about! If you ask me about the price of the bus ticket, I can answer you!

This is prove that even if you don't know anything at all about one thing, but if you have a will to seek and learn that one thing, you'll find it.

I don't believe there are some people who were born stupid (well unless they were born with physical and mental disabilities), they are lazy to move their ass or too lazy to, at least, trying to find out about something.
If you are willing to look for an answer, you'll find it somehow.

All you need is a little impulse of thought actually.

Feb 8, 2011

Happy 24th Birthday, Me!

Today is my birthday. And as usual, it's still not my favorite day of the year. Well you should be thankful for the day you were born, and I am thankful for everything in my life. It isn't perfect but it's enough to make me appreciate it. And this time of the year, my colleagues make a surprise for me in the way I never expected at all! One thing for sure, I am glad :)

This is the VERY creative crown my colleagues made me. And unexpectedly, there is a picture of me with an ugly pose and my boyfriend yet with an ugly pose in front. Also there are two chopsticks glued to the crown and they glued a Sushi Tei and Suteki logo to it. I don't know why they doing that, but that's very...very unexpected.

This is the whole surprise from them. First there is a very cute birthday cake for me. There is a female patissier surrounded by cakes and donuts and else all made from icing sugar. There is mini lily flowers near my name which is very lovely. If you're happen to spot an apple itouch or iphone near the cake, well it's fake made from cardbox or corrugated box or something. Very funny.

Last but not least, my boyfriend gave me (the real) Apple itouch as my birthday present this year!!!! I am really excited and I can;t wait to play it all day long :D

Anyway, this whole birthday stuffs make me realize one thing. It's not the surprise or the gift that I expect on my birth day. Above all, I want to be near with my beloved ones. My family, my best friends, my boyfriend, my colleagues...those who remember my birthday not because there's a reminder from facebook or you read someone's birthday greeting for me then RT it.

But the surprise and all others makes me know how much I am loved and remembered.

That's more than enough :)

Feb 1, 2011

One of Life's Serendipities

Having lots of friends is cool. It maybe because you're famous or maybe you're an easygoing one. And with me spent times with many different people that I didn't hang much before lately, it makes me realize that maybe I am not that easygoing person and I am fine with it.

Don't get me wrong, I can make friends with someone new. I can be nice to them, but I am not certain to be along with them. Like few days ago, I was asked by one of my hang out friend to hang out with her high school friends. I was in the same high school actually with her friends, but I wasn't at the same class; I took social class while they were in science class, so I felt like an outsider at that time. I had dinner with them at the mall, and yes I was tried to be nice and easygoing as possible. They were my friends and I enjoyed it. It's just...different compared with me hang out my friends.

From there, I am taking a conclusion. I don't need to be famous or easygoing or whatever. All I need is having a few true friends who always there to talk to, share something with, gossiping with. Friends whom I know I can count on anytime and the most important, friends who's going to be there in your darkest day.

I rather have them instead of having tons of friends.

And I thank God that my present boyfriend is happen to be one of my bestest friend. I feel safe with him, I can gossip with him (even it is just a one way gossiping due to he is not quite a gossiper like me (and please do not interpret the word 'gossip' with gossip, my way to gossip is by sharing stories about other people. Period.)), most of all I can count on him to be there for me. I really thank God for this precious invaluable gift :)

I thank God also for few persons who happen to be my best friends on earth. It happened because at some point and some way, they choose you and you choose them through a long time process. It happened because it's one of life's serendipities.

Sadly, you have to be carefully pick and appraise someone before you claim them to be your best friend.

I'm just saying, sometimes and at some point, they are not.