Oct 26, 2009

A Long and Winding Road To Start My First Job

Next week from now, is going to be one of my biggest day on earth. And that's because I am going to start my first day at work as a secretary for director in this one financial advisor company. I got this job a loonggg time ago (well, not that long. I got this job since early August), and even before my graduation day! And the funny and silly part is I haven't work yet until this very moment. That's because, according to my future boss, the new office at Graha Bukopin isn't ready yet. So I have to wait for almost two months now. But the problem that's killing me the most is I can't stand boringness. I can't stand doing nothing all day! I feel boring, I feel useless, I can't sleep at nights!!! (the I can't sleep at night part is because if I do almost nothing at mid day, I almost can't sleep at night) In order to avoid that "insomnia", I have to think and do all the possible activities, which are watch DVD series until midnight, browsing the internet searching for anything to fill my head (and I turn out learning about stock market, interest rate, inflation, and other economic stuffs. How cool is that huh? ;P), hang out somewhere with my friends, cleaning up my room and the entire house, re=order my stuffs. I do this back and forth. Geez.

Surprisingly, the browsing and learning part is my favorite activity beside watching DVDs. I love to read because it can give you more knowledge no matter how small or useless the information is. If you read something new, you know something new and that's good. It will enlarge your knowledge so you do not just freeze out if one time people surround talk about some complicated subject. So I push myself not only read the fictions, but also the heavy one like the economic subject or else. I pick the easy-to= understand website like howstuffworks.com to help me. Well, if you didn't took the major, it doesn't mean you can't learn about it from the non-academic way rite?

Anyway this next Monday is my first day at work and i hope I can get along with the job, the boss, the partners, and the work environment. So far the boss is great and nice, the partners mostly are my high school friends and one of them is one of my best friend, the office is new, the office location is in the downtown, and the salary is more than great. For me this is one in a lifetime opportunity to have a job with a lot of advantages like this. It sure will enlarge my knowledge especially in financial subject and of course will enlarge my networks. I'm so excited!!!
Wish me luck everyone, I hope everything is going to be more than just fine :D :D

Oct 2, 2009

My Car Is A Supermassive Black Hole

I wonder.....WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY CAR?????Why I always lose something when the thing is in my car???????? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh >,<

I don't know what is wrong with my car, but really, I think that there is something wrong with it. It is like my car has a black hole or something which can make a stuff of mine.....disappear!

It start to happened months ago, when I borrowed a novel book from my University's library. I can not wait to read it because it's a book of my one favorite writer, Meg Cabot. I put it in the left seat next to me. Then I had to pick up one of my friend, so I put my stuffs AND the book into the back seat. I just throw it away to the back seat with the thought that it still gonna be somewhere in the car anyway. BUT!!! after I got home, I look up for that book...and voila! it's gone. IT'S GOOONNEEE....!!!OMG. My friend, apparently, also open the back door and put his stuff too. So I predict my novel was fell off from my car...by accident.

I had to pay for Rp. 60.000 in return, because if not, I can not be graduated. Of course I chose to be graduated and I paid those stupid 60.000. What a waste --!

Now the second black hole incident happened just now. Tonight. I rent two movies I love to see (because Matthew Rhys plays the movies) and as usual, I put it in the left seat. Then I had to pick up my mom. As usual, I put off all my stuffs to the back seat. As usual, I throw it all without any notice that my DVDs can be very slipped. I thought I throw away the DVDs with the other of my stuffs. But AS USUAL......I lose it again. And this time, I predict, my DVDs was slipped somewhere in the outer corner of my left seat without me notice it, and I didn't threw it away with the other of my stuffs, and when my mother opened that stupid door, that stupid DVDs just fell off from the car.

I don't even know what to say. It's way to impossible for me. --!

I have this plan to go home and then watch my Matthew Rhys in this two movies with this warm heart, but now it's all gone. My Matthew Rhys is gooooneeee T,T

For the completion of my stupidipity, I don't even know how to connect the email account my boss gave me into Microsoft Outlook Express. I don't know what to fill in the email server internet connection wizard or what the hell. My life is pathetic...at least for tonight.

But really, I am curious, is it possible to a car to be a black hole?*wandering*

For those who doesn't know who the hell is Matthew Rhys, here it is:

He is cute, isn't he? He is also smart and damn funny. I love smart kind of funny guy ;)