Dec 22, 2011

But She's Still Love Me Anyway

Today Dec 22nd is our National Mother's Day. And this day might awakening my sense of writing once again (after a long hibernation) and I'm about to write about my mother as a "priceless" gift for her today.

Everyone have their own reasons why they love their mother. And I have mine. I'm not saying all good and all pretty because there were times when I get stuck with her in an argument or I got mad to her about something. But in the end of the day, my mother is the one who's standing at the very desperate end of my life to support me, help me, rescue me.

I lost my father long time ago so my mother is also my father until today. And having two jobs all in one is not an easy job to do. She's working hard for living but she's still have to struggle with her children. And I know I'm not an easy person to deal with when I was a teenager but now I'm pass through that level and begin to realize what have I done to her is not what I expect my future teenage children to do. I broke her heart many times but she's still love me anyway.

Sometimes she can lose control and I can lose control and we argue. She stick to her thought meanwhile I still want to stick with my own idealism about how am I suppose to handle things. we are two different human being after all and having an argument or two is the most normal thing in the world. But when I down or someone is trying to hurt me, she's the first person standing and defends me anyway.

I am a tough person. I can handle problems by myself and fix it. But no matter how tough I am, I remember when I was a kid, sometimes I cried at night. My mom (and dad at that time) were sleeping in the next room and I cried in silent. I didn't know what's wrong with me but at that time, I cried because I was afraid like I am going to losing them tomorrow. So I guess no matter how tough I think I am, I'm still longing for my parents anyway.

When she was deadly sick few months ago, I was scared to death but I didn't show it. I just keep on praying begged His mercy to give my mother a longer life. A chance for her to raise her children and a chance for me to be a better daughter. She's the only parent I know for such a long time since my father passed away and I will never ever ready to lose another one. Now after my mother is perfectly fine again, I know that God really really heard my prayers and I realize that His love can come through many unlimited ways. One of the ways is through my mother's love to me. And I think He still prefer that particular way to keep loving me until today :)

Even some years I forgot this Mother's Day or maybe I forgot her another important day or she forgot mine, I'm sure I will always love her and I also sure that she will love me anyway.

Happy Mother's Day, Mother.
Here's a song by Richard Marx's Thanks To You for you. I mean every words :)