Nov 19, 2010

Bali part 2

The third day after Messy Bounty and Tweety's cage, we planned to do watersports at Benoa, somewhere Nusa Dua. I personally never planned this kind of activity therefore I didn't bring my swimsuit or any backup clothes with me. All I brought was a t-shirt and no pants, no towel, nothing. But then I thought, I'm at Bali and I will never find this beach, this water sports in Surabaya. So why not do it now? So there, I ride a banana boat which had very common sensation. The second water sports I tried was called sandwich. It's a giant tire filled up with maximum 4 persons laying down pulled by a speed boat around the sea. It was a SUPER sensation plus I felt hurt at the back of my neck after that. But it was fun-fun-fun.Some of my friends tried what so called the flying fish. You ride on the same giant tire, dragged into the sea, but instead of just flowing away, they made you FLY! Like this:

the flying fish

the giant sandwich

the team

Playing water sports, in fact, doesn't make your clothes all wet., it's just splashes. But my friends insisted me to jump out to the water so yes I was all wet. But remembering that I didn't bring any kind of pants with me, it means I have to buy the new one. And I don't know what was I thinking at that time, but instead of bargain the pants, I just gave away Rp. 50.000,- for a pants like this (crap!):

my 50K Rupiah Bali pants

After doing the water sports, we were heading to almost nowhere. It was because we didn't book the hotel for the third night and so on. So practically, we almost stay-less. First we went to Swiss Bell hotel to rent a villa, but then it got cancelled because we can't reached the owner. We tried every hotels possible, but it was all full booked for the standard room. Felt tired enough, we decided topick up our luggages (yes, we left it in Tune Hotel for Rp. 7000,-/luggage/day) then heading to Warung Italia at Seminyak. I've been almost there years ago but it was closed. We ordered the buffet menu (seriously, you can get a cut of lasagna for Rp. 18.000,-, fried squid for Rp. 16.000,-, french bread for Rp. 3000,- and else) and some pastas and a pan of pizza.
I love the fettuccine carbonara and aglio olio pasta and the pizza was okay. To adding a plus value of Warung Italia, the price of fettuccine carbonara for only Rp. 30.000,- and aglio olio for Rp 20.000,- only! The pizza cost us Rp. 50.000,-. It was the best price with great taste of Italian food. I have to come back there someday
50K pizza

fettucine carbonara

the buffet menu

We spent the last night at Bali at Singaraja, North Bali. My friend has a hotel there, called Melka Excelsior Hotel, Dolphin and wildlife resort. I've been there years ago and now here I am came back there. Melka Hotel has cute dolphins and you can swim with them. If they like you, they'll try to swim around you and above you. They also have horses and a pony named princess! I've never been seen a pony before, so the first time I saw Princess, I fell in love. She is so tiny and cute!

Meet Princess, the pony

I had a great time in Melka. The hotel is great, the dolphins are cute and lovely. the people are nice.
My suggestion, you should stay at Melka at least once to experience something different.

Well, that's my short trip to Bali. Anyway, I found this new kind of thing while in the fery back to Surabaya. There are a lot of kids offered themselves to jump out from the fery and catch coins, if you throw them coins.
I tried, and they really catched it! They are good and fast swimmers though.

Don't forget to visit Bali, fellas. It's one of the heavens on earth! :)

Nov 18, 2010

Bali part 1

Hola! I’m back from Bali and I know I promised you lotsa photos from my short trip to Bali. And since tumblr and blogspot have different templates and else, so I’ve decided to make different post with the same topic. So make sure to check both of my blog for total report :D

This wasn’t my first trip to Bali but still Bali is impress me with its beauty and fun. I stayed at the Tune Hotel Kuta, Bali for the first two nights. I booked for two single rooms, each room will be filled with two persons. I already did measured the length and the wide of the bed and in my prediction, it’ll fit for two persons. But after we got there, all I can say was this room is too small. It’s very simple and almost like a boarding room (it even smaller than a boarding room actually) but very very clean. Honestly, I don’t really mind small room as long as the room is clean and proper to stay in. So I am giving 8 as the evaluation.

I stayed at the Harris Hotel Tuban Bali for the third night after had a “don’t know where to stay” crisis and it’s one of the best deal hotel!

I went to many beautiful places and ate a lot of delicious foods during in Bali. The first thing we did after we landed in Bali was off to Jimbaran. We enjoyed seafood with sea view there and surprisingly it wasn't that good anymore compared to years ago. After Jimbaran, we jumped up to Discovery Mall at Kuta Bali. We met few
friends there and then off to the beach behind the Discovery. It was dark and one of my friends, who sell fireworks, fired up lots of fireworks in the beach. It was beautiful fireworks :)

We sat down on the sand and talk. There, I met one of the friends of my friend who has a gifted talent. He can read hand line and he can tell you about your life, you love life and else. He also can read someone's face and he can tell you his/her character. I actually don't believe those kind of things but I'm curious enough to ask..just for fun. And surprisingly, he read my someone's face right just by looking at the photo I showed him. I believe he has a gift and I believe he has it for a reason. But whatever he told about me, I'll just want to see the positive side of it. Just like he said it himself, " I'm not God. I just tell you what I know. Just keep on walking and live your life but still be cautious."

After Discovery, we went to this small small restaurant we usually called "warung/depot", we ate Nasi Pedas Bu Andika. Before I went to Bali, my friend Inijie told me about this food and he said it's a must eat food in Bali. I said to him at that time that I don't like spicy food. But then I ate it and it was superrbbb! Of course I didn't eat the sambal pedas, but still taste super scrumptious for me. Here's Jie's review about Nasi Pedas Bu Andika.

Nasi pedas Bu Andika

The next day, we went to Ubud to eat the famous Nuri's Spare ribs. I never ate this food before so I expect more about the taste. People said that Nuri's has big portion of spare ribs so first I decided to share it with a friend. But then I eat it and I fell in love so much with this ribs. I started to ask for more from my friends. You definitely HAVE to make a stop at this restaurant and eat the ribs if you go to Bali someday.

the best pork ribs EVER!

After ribs, we went to Antonio Blanco Museum. I never been to Ubud before so certainly don't know about this museum at all. All I ever heard is Antonio Blanco is an artist and he painted paints. And I'm not an art person so in
the time came in to the museum, I felt lost, and for me it
was just an abstract naked painting (no offense Antonio). I met his only son, Mario Blanco who grew up to become an artist like his father. We took a picture of him:

Mr. Mario Blanco

Next, we went back to Kuta and decided to eat Flapjacks. I heard this place a thousand time and super curious to eat the crepes. One of my colleagues suggested me to have ham and cheese crepes but I decided to have dessert and save ham and cheese crepes for the next day as my breakfast. The dessert was too sweet and I felt so much guilty after that. I ordered ham and cheese crepes the next day and I love it! My other friends ordered American breakfast with pancakes, bacon, eggs, and french fries, and I love them both. Flapjacks is heaven, or maybe it's because me who loves American breakfast instead of Indonesian.
I can't get enough of it!

1. Flapjack's American Breakfast
2. Flapjack's Hot dog
3. Flapjack's Ham and Cheese Crepes

At night we decided to hang out at Ku De Ta, one of my favorite place with beautiful sea view. I've been there years ago and it doesn't change a bit, in a good way. I ordered the same drink, hot chocolate, and they have the best hot chocolate I ever tasted. My friends ordered a pan of pizza and sushi and it cost us Rp.800.000,- in total (%$#@$%%#). It was the most expensive pizza and sushi I ever tasted. But it was worthed :)

The most expensive but delicious pizza ever purchased.

The night was still young, according to my friends so we decided to go to this one club called Bounty. I'm not a fan of clubbing at all so I wasn't excited at all. The time I stepped up to the club, my face was like this =S. The music was too loud but thank God the music was good. Foreign people were everywhere, dancing and drinking, Strangely they drank the alcohol not in a normal glass but in a fishbowl. Or at least, it did look a like a fish bowl.
The trash was everywhere, the place was dirty and hot, sweats and smoke were everywhere. I could die because of passive smoker there. My friend said that, that was the most disgusting and ugly club here in Bali. You can't even found it in Jakarta. OMG.

The most interesting part of the club is there are two giant cages filled up with some people dance inside of it. My other friend said the cages are like Tweety's cage. LOL

Here I give you a clue:

This is Bounty Club. Please take a look at the right side of the picture.
Then compare to this cage. Look similar, right?
Bounty has more tweeties in the cage than this one :p

To Be Continued.. :)

Nov 11, 2010

Bali Bali Bali

November 13th this year is going to be huge!

I planned a trip, an accidental trip to Bali with 3 my friends of mine. So in the next two days, I take a couple days off then I'm going to fly to Bali, enjoy my every second in there and just seize it!

Last week, I've got an offer from one of friend and she asked me to go to Bali. The first thing on my mind was....well, I'm not sure of it all. But really, if you're really meant to go somewhere or do something or be with someone, there will be a way or two.

I always tried to plan a trip somewhere before this. But I always ended up with failing. The reasons were various: I had no companion, had no perfect timing, but when I found a perfect timing - it's not matching with the budget. But this time, I have companions (which recently some of them have a broken heart issue), I found the best deal flight and hotel :D

Sure I'm going to post some photos I take, the place, the people, the foods, the scenery right after I get back.

So, until I get back, here's an appetizer for you :)

Nov 9, 2010


Meet the Walker Family, one of my favorite "fiction" family on Brothers and Sisters TV series. The first time I followed this TV series, I knew it was not just an ordinary family drama. It enlighten me about what family suppose to mean and suppose to be.

Who inspire me the most is Nora Walker, the matriarch of the Walker Family and a widow of her deceased husband. She is a strong women, I have to admit and she always try to help her grown up children with their problems, even sometimes her children think that Nora is trying to intervene. And even their children think of her that way and even sometimes they argue and fight and stop talking to each other, Nora is the only person her children come to - she is there always for her children.

Nora is the perfect representation of how a mother should be pictured. Being a mother, it doesn't always to be perfect. But she always know what's the best for her children, even sometimes her children think that she just ruin it all or she just trying to intervene problems. Take Nora as example. I observed that she was the one her children came to every time they have reached their tip of problems. When they broke down and need a shoulder to cry on, they ALWAYS came to Nora and cry. And Nora just held them and said "It's okay, everything is going to be okay."

I am not a mother yet, but I surely learn a lot from her character. All you have to do is fight for your family and be there for them all the time and no matter how ruined the condition is.

Family, as well, it doesn't have to be perfect. It's okay if you have to argue and fight. But you have to make up to each other after that. You have to be brave to say sorry if you're wrong and you have to mean it. You have to be brave enough to say thank you, you have to be brave enough to hug them to tell them that you love them. Above all, you have to be proud of them.

There is such thing like perfect family. But sure you can love your imperfect family, perfectly :)

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.

~Desmond Tutu

Nov 3, 2010

November Disaster

Month November is kind of my “special” month for me from a long time ago. Unfortunately, it’s not in a good meaning. In November, three members of my family having their birthday in this month. It means I have to give them presents. So it means I have to buy presents for them. And start from this year, I am going to celebrate my first anniversary with my boyfriend. I have this obligation to give something to him, as a anniversary present or something. It also because he’s been too kind to me for the last one year, so I think he deserves to get something he like to have from someone he like to receive present from :p

So in total, I have to buy four different kind of presents, in A MONTH! I’m so broke :(

But the good thing is, November is the last month before December, my favorite month of the year. December’s weather tends to be cold, it’s going to be a long holiday at the end of the month, and Christmas is near!! Let’s be merry everyone, I felt the Christmas spirit already :D

So, December is my favorite month of the year. What about you? :)

Zooey Deschanel

Meet Zooey Deschanel, the girl who played Summer on 500 days of Summer and also my new fashion inspiration. 500 days of Summer is a good sweet movie, it’s a story about a relationship someone could have and that’s could happen to anyone of us. One thing I love from the movie is Summer with her quirky persoality and great vintage style. She always wear vintage dresses with simple hairdos with that front fringe so even she’s quirky and stupid to reject the sweetest guy ever, Tom, she still astonished me with her fashion style :)