Apr 30, 2010


Hola fellas, I'm back! I know it's been a long time, but time seem not enough here. I've been busy with my job and my side job.hahaha. Life's also been good to me, although know sometimes I'm feeling not grateful enough with what I have and what I got.

What am I suppose to say here? I usually come up with some topic in mind, but this time is blank.Oh there a topic just crossed my mind.
Few days ago, I realized something. As you know, I'm not a perfect person. I am not some kind of someone's favorite. But I try to be better. I know and I realize that in order to be mature and wise, we have to make few or maybe lots of mistake in our life then we realize that's wrong and we fix it. Or we can learn it from other people experiences. The point is we have to learn from mistakes. And one mistake people often do and one mistake people don't realize is they don't listen to each other.

For me, to have a good listening ability is great. Few people have that. By listening more and talk less, you'll learn a lot, you study a lot about the person, about life, and else. It will helps you wiser somehow.

And I want to have that ability. I want to listen more and talk less, because I want to learn more.

But please make a difference between listening and hearing. In hearing, you just hear the voice, but in listening, you pay attention to whom you listen to. And guess what, listening is a hard work.Yes, it will drain your energy, it will make you tred and boring. But hang in there, because if you do that, that'll train level of patient too.

All I say here is, few people are willing to listen. They like to talk rather than listen. But if the world want the same thing, it must be pretty noisy, huh? :)