Oct 22, 2010

French Diet

I can't let go myself from one thing: diet. And I love to eat, especially foods I love, so it's kinda hard thing to do for me to do a diet. You know, some people willing to do a strict diet, no meat, no rice, no bread, no fat, just veggies and other plain foods. Some others willing to eat only one time a day. For me, it's like very hell of the hell.

I've tried before to do that kind of strict diet, and I only end up with eat more than I suppose to consume. O dear God, if only I can't get fat even if I eat a lot of foods T____T

I've tried another option of how to losing weight: do yoga. With yoga, you don't move your body too much compared to aerobic for example. You just slightly move your body to one position then hold still for about 30 seconds, then you repeat the position. It will make you all sweat and I am happy that I'm sweat. It means that so and so much amount of fat are burned! But then, I forget about the diet. I consider the yoga will burn my fat so I don't have to do more diet food to lose my fat. I end up fail again.

I've tried another method, it's called banana diet plan. I've read the article somewhere about this diet plan, basically you eat more bananas and less carbo. So I started to eat bananas in the morning, eat normal for lunch, eat bananas again for dinner. But then, I ran out of bananas so I stop did the banana diet plan.

Another method I took was water diet. You drink 2 full-glasses of water before you have dinner or lunch. You will feel full before you start eating your meal. So automatically you'll eat less than usual. But again, later I forget to drink the water and just go straight eat my meal.

So the conclusion is I can't do diet, I always fail the plan. I talk to myself, why am I forcing myself to do a diet if obviously I can't have a full commitment to do so? But on the other side, I can't just continue to eat without gaining weight. In dilemma I am.

But then, TING.. it's light bulb moment. I read somewhere about how French people eat their meal. They will eat slowly and in a tiny portion. The diet method won't give you an extra weight loss, but at least you can TASTE whatever you want without torturing yourself but still not gain your weight! voila! And by saying taste instead of eat, I mean you still can taste the taste of chocolate croissant or ice cream, or maybe junk food, BUT you have to eat it in a small portion and not the whole piece of it. i suggest you share the food with someone else or order the smallest portion of it.

So here's the french diet method based on how french people's perspective about foods and drinks:

  1. The French hold food sacred. They enjoy the food so they munch their meal slowly but sure. They feel the taste of the food in their tongue.
  2. The French as a culture set aside a time and place for food. Don't rush!
  3. The French have their meal in a smaller portion compared to American or even Indonesia. They eat slowly, so they are able to realize they are full after eating far less.
  4. etc. etc.

That's the top three and the most important of French Diet Method. You can read the rest of the article here: How French People Do Diet

Now I can eat anything I want, I just need to keep it in balance between what I eat and in what size I eat that food. It looks simple, but yeah let's not take it too easy on that because who know you'll slip a little :p

Anyway goodluck everyone and anyone of you who already planned and failed on so many diet methods but still not giving up. May this French method help you and me. Amen! :D

People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas.

~Author Unknown

Oct 11, 2010


People can be so suck sometimes, you have to admit it. Some of them, even the one who close and related to us can be in that category. They can accuse us for something we' didn't do, but if we done something..they just easily judging us. I was very upset every time I heard people talk about me, about what I've done, about my decisions, about the way I acted. But then I realize that it won't give one single positive impact to myself. It will just destroy you and your happiness. So instead of upset, I will do this: you probably hear something you don't like, but don't let your heart hear it too.

You know, sometimes people get angry because they heard something unpleasant, then the brain and the heart make a respond...bang! that's your anger. You probably will nag, punch something or people, and do another something negative. So if you heard something unpleasant again next time, try to make a positive or at least neutral barrier around your heart and head.

And the first reaction you should have is: smile. Whatever people say, just smile , keep telling yourself "those people, they just don't know what they're talking about", then leave. Try to make peace to yourself by preventing it.

Try also to keep telling yourself that we all are basically them. Sometimes you and me can be like those people who hurt us right now. Sometimes, we hurt other people too.

You're not fighting back against something negative people said, it's not wise and wrong. we keep sin silent so there's no anger or any negative aura is wise and right.

Remember, at all times, doing what is right is the righteous thing to do in God's eyes :)

Oct 6, 2010


I have lot of problems lately and I don't why, they just came up to my very door and knocked at the same time. Problems from my side job as an online shop owner who have to deal with this carping customer, and problems from surround me. I heard too many negative thoughts and opinions and stories, so I become like this freakin' afraid about the world I live in.

I believe that if you keep telling a person something negative and ugly and bad, that person will become negative minded even if the world around that person is in the positive aura. It's like you've been brain washed or something.

And I also believe the vice versa. If keep telling a person everything positive, s/he will get used to think a positive side of a thing or problem. And it will affect everything in your life: your health, your emotion, your happiness, everything!

This is what I just realized and I am about to learn. It's not easy sometimes to keep on balance, stay positive everyday and everytime. But I was in a position of being a victim who heard so many negative aura and I didn't enjoy it. I just don't want that thing happened to other person I bump into in the future. I must stay positive, speak positive words, act positively. ++++ :)

So stay positive everyone! If you don't get used to it yet, well..start to get used to it. You'll never go wrong with that, believe me :)

Oct 3, 2010

Brave & Wise

What will you do if you get bored? You probably will try something new,something challenging,something risky. And now I am in that situation. I have a good job,but sometimes good isn't that good anymore to me. I have a great boyfriend but the same routine every weekend bored me. Then I want something new, something challenging, something risky. Now the question is, how dare you are to take the risk of something new?

For example, I've been trying to run a small business of my own beside my main job as a secretary. I owned an online shop in facebook and most of my products are Pre Order system. It means that I have to collect a down payment from my customer in one period of time,then I ship the order from cina and HK. In conclusion,I do not have to cash any money in advance. I pay the products to my supplier after the customers pay the rest of the DP.

Now I have another challenge and risk all in one. I know this store who sell accesories for girls such as fashion earrings,bracelets, necklaces, phone straps, etc. I've got great price and I want to make it my new online business. But the problem is I have to pay in advance. I have to ready stock it. It means there is a risk (and I don't how big is the risk) that the accesories aren't sell well. I honestly afraid of that. But I keep telling myself that that's a business! There are risks and you should take it. Suck it up!

Well yeah, it's not that easy to suck it up. I also have a plan to take cooking and baking courses. Maybe someday I will open my own bakery or something.

Gosh, making money is hard. It's way so much easier to spend it. I guess I should be wiser to spend my money on something. Or maybe I should be more brave to take the risks.

Well, I should be more brave and wiser in the same time. You know it's hard -.-"

P.s: I have this new addiction,suteki's take away sushi. They have great taste of sushi with great great price! Love it ♥ !
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Oct 1, 2010

A Sweet Birthday Song

Years ago, I heard this audiophile version of birthday song sang by anonymous aka I don't know who's the singer and the title. But the lyric is magical so I listened to the song carefully then wrote down the lyric and of course it's not 100% correct. But few days ago, like I forgot all this time the magic Google can do, I browsed the lyric by typing one line I'm sure it's correct. Then voila! it's The Birthday Song by Corrinne May. It's a wonderful birthday song with great lyric. I would love to sing that song to my particular birthday who really really deserves it :p

I have a massive headache and sleepiness so I'm gonna sign out. Will write something later! Ciao!

p.s: today is the first of October. time fliess :D A good good friend of mine is going to come home to Indonesia this early Oct. I'm soooo excited! Long time no see this dude :D