Dec 22, 2010

Mother's Day

Speaking of December, there's this one special day we usually celebrate in Indonesia beside Christmas. We celebrate Mother's day every December 22 and today is December 22! I usually don't know how to celebrate this particular celebration since every human being which is female and ever have children are celebrating this day. So it's a mass-celebration not personal celebration like birthday or anniversary.

So, the ultimate question is what should I do on this day to make her know that I am notice about the day but still not too much. So as a part of my dedication, I would like to share something or several things about my mother. Not because my mom is the best among other moms, I believe that every mom is the best for their children. It's just more like a recall for myself about the sacrifices she made for me and her children. Because sometimes we can easily forget the little but massive things she did for us.

My mother is a talk active person. She likes to share stories about other people, especially life lessons we can take from that other people experiences. She likes it so much until she doesn't realize if she already repeated it for like a thousand times! Sometimes I get bored, and when I was a teenager, I think my mom's kinda boring. But as I grow up, I realize that she was tried to make me understand that I should learn from other people mistakes and experiences. My mom still repeating stories all over again but this time I know that I have to listen and keep that in my head wherever and whenever.

I fight with my mom sometimes. You know, a perfect relationship is bullshit and even you claimed that you have one, it doesn't mean that you're fight-free. In any kind of relationship, you fight sometimes so that's okay for you to fight. But you need to solve the fight with peace and more understanding about each other later. Sometimes I think that she's stubborn, I think she only loves to speak and listen less, and maybe she is! But if that's true, that would be okay. She's not perfect and she is still human. I just want to accept that she's my mom and she already done a lot rather than just thinking that she's stubborn and else. She is my imperfect perfect mother.

She is a very strong women. I lost my father when I was 13 and it was 10+ years ago. And for 10 years, she fights to be a single mother and I have to admit that it's not that easy. She have to work meanwhile she still have to be a mother. Not every women are gifted with that kind of ability. But she did it well until today. She raised well (I hope) and she still have to raise my little baby brother now.

So I figure out what's the best thing I can give for her not only on this very day but for the rest of her and my life. I have to make her happy and proud. I should not make burden for her. I think that it's time for her to enjoy the life to the fullest. Well, not to the fullest, I still have a teenage baby brother to deal with. Haha.

So thank you mother and to all mothers for doing such an amazing the greatest hard working unpaid job in the whole world.

p.s: I know thank you ain't just enough :)

Dec 9, 2010

Crossed Path

A thought crossed my mind last night and I had a chance last night to tweet that thought shortly. I said like this, " It's better to wait for the right time rather than push the time to be right. Everything has its own time. If it's your time, it won't happen". I've been thinking about this time topic related and how our path is crossed with other people's.

Have you ever thought how amazing life can be, when in one day we are destined to meet someone we never expect to come before, and the other day we say goodbye to them? I always draw this kind of thing like this with lines. I draw our each life path with a line (usually I colored it black :p) and every time we meet someone, that path will crossed with other people's line. And like a blank white paper, every time someone come into our life, our blank white paper will be filled with things, whether it's pretty or it's a mess. That's what we usually called, memories.

We may don't know when our path will cross someone's we desire to meet (like for example: our soulmate), but I believe one thing: that if you are not keep on walking to make those line, I can bet yours won't be crossed with anyone's line.

If you're now suffer a broken heart, I really know how hurt that can be. the world seems to stop rotating and your heart is empty, your path stop making line. So keep on walking and don't stop. Keep making line of life! Because then you are making a double chance to meet someone again in the future rather than just stop and grieving. It takes time, nothing instant will come to last. So you need to be patient and keep walking and keep praying. God will hear you and He was listening to your prayer all this time, even if you think He didn't. He just wait for the time to cross your path with your soulmate. He makes all things beautiful in its own time.

Well, something you need to have is just a little faith. :)

"Every experiences God gives us, every person He puts into our lives, is the perfect preparation for a future only He can see."

Corrie ten Boom

Dec 3, 2010

There's Always Something About December

December is coming and it's my favorite month of the year. Not because it's one of holiday seasons, but it has Christmas, my favorite celebration on earth! I always envy those people in other parts of the world where they can celebrate Christmas with snow and bigger celebration than where I live.

In Indonesia, Christmas isn't the biggest celebration, Idul Fitri is. Meanwhile in America for example, Christmas time perhaps is the biggest celebration there. And I don't know it's only me or not, but Christmas would be not perfect yet if there is no little snowy snowy thing fall down from the sky and makes the land aaaalllll white :D

And since it's Christmas, it's time to make a Xmas Wish List. Well, I'm not writing this down to ask someone to buy me the things I want. I just make this wish for fun, but still I wish a little to my dear God, that one day my wish will be fulfilled :p

  1. Apple Itouch 4th gen :))
  2. Canon Ixus

Oh dear God, please make this come true :)))))))))))))))