Nov 3, 2011

Thing I Want To Do Before I Die

Today is the first day of raining after a long time of dry and hot season. And just like the first time of everything, it feels so good, cold, and somehow makes this heart warm. The rainy season in my country always reminds of snowy season in other parts of the world like in Europe or in America. I know for some people and some country like Russia and else, snow can be very dangerous. But I like to think the pretty side of the snow, it gives you a Christmas-y feeling. Beside, for me, snow is the prettiest thing in the world I am dying to see. It's so pure and white and it's very beautiful when it falls down to the ground.

Since I was a little, I always love to see Christmas theme films like the first Home Alone for example. The story of the film is funny, but what I love to see from that movie is the Christmas and the snow that came along with it. I know Christmas is about the spirit of the celebration but Christmas isn't complete without the white snow. In conclusion, for all this time, I always dreaming about white Christmas.

And talking about the thing I want to do before I die, there is one thing that always come up in my head. I want to see the white Christmas. I want to see and feel the snow in bare hands and I want to smell the Christmas tree from near. I also want to shop Christmas gifts for my love ones and most of all.. I want to share the Christmas warmth surrounded by my family, friends, and my love.

That's the beauty of Christmas and snow.. even if you feel cold outside, but somehow you can feel the warmth inside you.

So yes..I am sure. That's the thing I want to do before I die. I want and I have to meet the snow one day. And I am sure one other thing: I am sure if I keep feeling sure that one day I will step on a white land with snowflakes fall in my hair, that faith will do come true...eventually.


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